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Název: Song Album
Title: Song Album
Titel: Song Album
Autor/intepret: Glinka Michail
Autor/intepret (zápis podle nakladatele): Glinka, Michail
Editor: Kawamoto, Nobuko
Obsazení v publikaci: voice and piano
Obsazení díla: voice and piano
Počet stran: 152
Vazba: Paperback/Soft Cover
Nakladatel/výrobce: ZEN-ON
Nakladatel/výrobce - upřesnění: Schott Music (ZEN-ON music)

EAN: 9790223305853
ISBN: 979-0-2233-0585-3


Do not tempt me needlessly -The poor singer - Ah, my sweetheart, thou art a beautiful maiden - Bitter, bitter it is for me - Tell me why - Shall I forget; Venetian night - Call her not heavenly - I had but recognized you - I am here, Inezilla -The night review - Doubt - The fire of longing burns in my heart - Where is our rose - The night zephyr - The bird-cherry tree is blossoming - I recall a wonderful moment - Cavatina - Cradle song - Travelling song - Virtus antiqua - The lark - How sweet ist to be with you - Declaration - I love you, dear rose - The toasting cup - Mein Ruh´ist hin - Adéle; Mary - Say not that it grieves the heart