Haydn Michael | Čtyři sonáty pro housle a violu

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Michael Haydn composed his four Sonatas for Violin and Viola in 1783, commissioned by the Salzburg archbishop. In fact, the archbishop ordered six sonatas, but Haydn fell ill and was not able to write the last two sonatas himself. As helper in need, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart aided his friend. He composed the two missing sonatas and agreed that they would be presented to the archbishop under the name of Haydn. While both sonatas by Mozart have found a wide distribution, the four compositions by Haydn nearly fell into oblivion and are made available again with this edition.

Název: Čtyři sonáty pro housle a violu
Title: Four Sonatas for Violin and Viola
Titel: Vier Sonaten für Violine und Viola
Autor/intepret: Haydn Michael
Autor/intepret (zápis podle nakladatele): Haydn, Michael
Editor: Altmann, Wilhelm
Počet stran: 60
Formát: 23 x 30,5 cm
Nakladatel/výrobce: Breitkopf

EAN: 9790004188088
ISBN: 979-0-004-18808-8


1. Sonata in C major
2. Sonata in D major
3. Sonata in F major
4. Sonata in E major