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Název: Song Album
Title: Song Album
Titel: Song Album
Autor/intepret: Musorgskij Modest Petrovič
Autor/intepret (zápis podle nakladatele): Mussorgskij, Modest
Editor: Kishimoto, Chikara
Obsazení v publikaci: voice and piano
Obsazení díla: voice and piano
Jazyk: Russian
Počet stran: 158
Vazba: Paperback/Soft Cover
Nakladatel/výrobce: ZEN-ON
Nakladatel/výrobce - upřesnění: Schott Music (ZEN-ON music)

EAN: 9790223305846
ISBN: 979-0-2233-0584-6


Where are thou, little star - What are words of love to you - Night - The seminarist - The magpie - The garden by the Don - With nurse - In the corner - The cockhafer - With the doll - Going to sleep - The cat Sailor - On the hobbyhorse - Beween four walls - Thou didst not knew me in the crowd - The idle, noisy day is ended - Boredom - Elegy - On the river - Lullaby - Serenade - Trepak - The field-marshal - Is spinning man's work - The wanderer - Mephistopheles' song of the flea